Determine actual stream delay


I’ve heard that it is possible to use the API to determine the actual delay between the streamer and the spectator.
I know that the api give the delay that the spectator set but I haven’t found a way to know the actual delay.

Does anyone has direction on how to do that ?

May be I can use some kind of timestamp of when the stream started, but I didn’t find that either.

Thats incorrect you can’t

Everyones stream delay is different based on their ISP, what platform they are on, what country they live in, what quality they are on and what computer they are on.

What you can get from the API is the broadcast delay. The broadcaster can delay their whole stream (before Twitch pumps it out) by a number of seconds.
Which can also be done in the streaming software, and if it is, we have no idea.

In summary, no you can’t get the viewers delay. It’s not stored or collected and it varies.

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Thanks, that’s what I tought, I just wanted to make sure.

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