Developer console scheduled maintenance - Thursday, February 1, 2024

Infrastructure maintenance for the Twitch developer console ( is currently scheduled for 2024-02-01T23:00:00Z. The resulting downtime is expected to be less than 45 minutes.

What developer services are affected?

  • Application management - Developers will be unable to register new applications or manage existing applications. This will not affect an application’s use of third-party interfaces, and therefore will not impact third-party application users.
  • Extensions management - Developers will be unable to create a new Extension or manage an existing version of an Extension. This will not impact viewers or streamers actively using Extensions.
  • Drops campaign management - Game developers will be unable to create or edit Drops campaigns or Drops rewards during this time. This will not affect Drops from the viewer or streamer perspective.

What action needs to be taken?

No action is required during the maintenance period.

Hello, I would like to know if the Twitch developer console is still undergoing maintenance as it is not allowing me to register new apps. Do you know when new applications will be able to be registered?

You are trying to create an application using a reserved or already taken name most likely. the UI doesn’t surface name errors on the create ui at thsi time

Thank you, I managed to register my app. Sorry for the inconvenience.