Developer looking for ideas and/or collaborators

I am a developer who wants to make more Extensions, but currently struggling for ideas. I personally prefer to create Extensions that utilize information already in the Twitch API and display it in a useful way. I currently have two Extensions already in this vein:

Latest Follows - gets the authenticated streamer’s followers as they arrive.

Event Countdown - displays a countdown to the streamer’s next scheduled event.

I am currently working on a third Extension which will use the streamer’s Team data to give info about their Team mates.

If there’s any streamers out there who are looking for Extension and think I could be of service then please do reach out. Similarly, if there’s any other developers who like my work and think they can improve it - or think that I can improve theirs - please let me know!


I checked out your event countdown extension, and I love it! Great work.

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Hey! Is there a way I can get in touch with you? I launched an extension about a week or so ago. I’d love to talk about potential collaborations!

Thanks @Amorelandra!

And sure thing @Alex_Wormuth - get in touch on and we’ll take it from there :slight_smile:

Hey I have an extension idea… is it possible for one to be made that that viewers can freely look through your garage on nfs heat and look at what cars you have and their stats…if you could help out it would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Tyler, unless there is a specific API which exposes this information then this would not be possible to automate. You could of course make a static extension which you manually update, but would involve a lot manually sourcing and packaging up the image assets so probably not quite what you’re looking for.

Are you still looking for ideas?

Sure, what do you have?

Looks like we are exactly what the other one is looking for :wink:

I had a great idea, somehow made it work but on the most basic and unprofessional level…
Not even mentioning the Layout… :wink:
Here a short introduction what its about… (dont worry about the URL, that was for another project - still free webspace)
if you are interested and wanna see it work, let me know… I cant send those links here yet

Please dont think about the Layout, just the potential the idea has… :wink:


I have had an idea of an extension for a while now but im not sure if its possible.

So the idea is, maybe you click on the extension and it takes you to a page, this page lets you order food / takeaway directly to the streamers house when the streamer has it enabled, BUT it does not show the streamers location or delivery address, and it has an optional limit on how much food can be ordered.

I was even thinking that the streamer could put in their address and the extension would get the menu’s of restaurant’s around them and then the user just picks the item, and the extension autofills the address page therefore skipping it for the user, and then the user pays.

I know some streamers that would love something like this but dont want to give out their personal information, this would be a way around it and I think could be quiet good.

Im just not sure if its possible.



There are a number of policies and rules that make such an extension difficult. You can’t monetise non amazon transaction objects, and the whole point of this extension would be to send them offside to go do the thing.

So if it’s ok by the rules you still have the transaction problem, and confusing user UI since it would just be easier to start offsite to begin with.

There is also a promotion problem, (I had issues just linking to a GOG List of games for example)

See 4.5, 4.6.3

So this just works better as a panel button/link to an offsite thing rather than an extension.

Ah yeah that makes sense. I didn’t think it would work, just had to make sure!

Thank you!

Hey, how is it going?
i have an idea, if it doesn’t seem dum to you :slight_smile:
can you make an Extinction that can hide the mod badge and
don’t show you in moderator section in “User’s List”
make it like the Founder badge that you can show/hide in the twitch setting
"Moderator badge ‘Show/Hide’ "
Description (hide moderator badge in the channels that you are moderator)

None of this is possible

thanks :slight_smile: