Developer Preview: Rooms

As many of you may recall, we announced Rooms at this year’s TwitchCon keynote. Rooms is a new chat product which allows broadcasters to create separate chat spaces with customizable join permissions—all, subs-only, or mods-only—and persistent message history, alongside the existing stream chat. We’re currently anticipating a mid-January release, and would love to hear your early impressions.

If you’re interested in testing Rooms ahead of the launch, please email me at [my username] Include the name of the channel you’d like to enable for testing, and a brief description of your project. We currently have limited capacity for testing, so please understand if you don’t receive early access.

Please take a look at the developer preview of the documentation linked below. As always, we appreciate any feedback you may have, and are looking forward to all the awesome stuff you’ll build.

— Amorelandra