Developer Update – November 2018

We will be hosting the monthly Developer Update today from our NYC office. Your hosts will be @jbulava & @mauerbac. We will share what we’ve been up to the last month, including the latest TwitchDev news, community shoutouts, events, and product releases.

Please post your questions below! See you soon!!

Hi! I asked during the Developer Update if it was intentional that the Video API does not not reply with a game id and you asked to specify the endpoint.

So the endpoint I’m refering to was
The only other endpoint serving video is the clips API ( which does include the game id.

Hi @PakL,

Thanks for following up from the stream! I reached out to the API team and they let me know that it is intentional that the gameID is not returned. I informed them that you would like it added to the response and they will consider adding it. I also filed a feature request. Stay tuned.

Hope this helps,