Developers need a Follower tag for chat

I asked about something like this previously, the answer from Twitch Development was that they did not desire to have an easy way to determine if someone unfollowed as there is a level of harassment involved when people unfollow channels. That conversation was steered toward finding other ways to determine loyalty.

You can see in this post:

It actually isn’t omitted for performance reasons. @3ventic is on the right track. Unfollow was something the team wanted to implement, but I was very against it for abuse reasons. I don’t want to create a scenario where it is easy for someone to harass someone else for unfollowing. Obviously this can be achieved in other ways, but I don’t want to make it easy. :slight_smile:

That isn’t to say that Twitch does not change their mind but, what you propose as an IRCv3 tag makes it very easy to track follows and unfollows.

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