[Suggestion]/[Question] Webhooks - Stream & Follow & ?HOST?

So I’m excited about webhooks and I’m looking forward to not having to poll the API endpoints (as much)

Question: Are you going to be adding for the Stream Webhook an “Offline” call? so when the broadcaster goes offline it calls a hook?

Suggestion: It would be nice if it could!

Question: Are you adding an Unfollow Webhook?

Suggestion: I don’t mind not having an unfollow hook, I would do a daily update instead, just thought it was worth asking

Question: Will twitch be doing anything with regards Hosts? at the moment the only way of getting a host is connecting to chat as the broadcaster. Would be nice to have a webhook then we don’t need the chat permission if you only want a system for notifications as an example.

We have a roadmap that can answer some of these questions! dev.twitch.tv/roadmap

To answer your questions directly:

  1. We’ll have stream-related webhooks for sure. We’re looking at both stream up and stream down. Our roadmap item is here.
  2. We will not have an unfollow webhook.
  3. Hosts aren’t on the short-term roadmap. Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks Dallas

Yes, I was aware of the roadmap, I was asking about the stream down as the Trello card specifically says on go live.

Again thanks for the information though, it will be a great help.

It is a bummer on the unfollow webhook, but I am sure for performance reasons that isn’t planned. Right now, the only way that I am aware of to tell if folks unfollow is to hammer the follows endpoint and reconcile it against previously noted followers.

I am curious, Dallas, since IRC has followers-only-mode, if it would ever be possible to provide a follower=1 tag much like the subscriber=1 tag? I completely understand if this would be a performance drain, but just curious, because, if this was the case, then my bot would have almost no need to ever even pull the API endpoint or use the webhook.


It would also encourage unfollow notifications, which easily end in negative comments (or worse) against those who unfollow, and that’s not wanted.

That makes sense. I am just trying to determine with upcoming rate limits and with some broadcasters that wish to restrict specific commands to followers only, given that someone can just follow and then unfollow to gain access to commands, and provide different reward (points) options, if there was a way other than hammering the followers endpoint to figure that out.


follow → use command → unfollow. That problem isn’t solved by an unfollow webhook.

I think I should point out that it would be even easier to check for subscriber=1 flipping to subscriber=0 and encourage unsub notifications – but I don’t think I’ve heard of that happening – but maybe some bots do such dirty deeds.

And a reward (points) modifier over time, it does address that. But I see your point, there are always ways to circumvent any system. There are also ways to catch the condition you are talking about and keep a short cache of when someone unfollowed and not care if they follow again, you don’t give them access to the features in question.

Instead of giving more loyalty points (I assume) to followers, I’d suggest giving more points to those who have tuned into more broadcasts, the real ‘dedicated’ viewers. A follow itself just means you have a spot in their following directory and +1 the follower count. Actually (repeatedly) tuning in is much more valuable to most broadcasters, following or not.


I am with you - I am just pointing out some of the feature requests that I have had. I personally believe loyalty points and commands based on hours spent in live chat is the way to go, but some folks (for whatever reason) want things tied to the follow button.

Thanks, as always, for your input.

You could use the created_at property in the API to restrict it. They must follow for x days or whatever to use a command. Now it’s no longer just “have they followed” but “how long have they followed?”

It actually isn’t omitted for performance reasons. @3ventic is on the right track. Unfollow was something the team wanted to implement, but I was very against it for abuse reasons. I don’t want to create a scenario where it is easy for someone to harass someone else for unfollowing. Obviously this can be achieved in other ways, but I don’t want to make it easy. :slight_smile:


I found out that “Streams webhook” is archived in Trello, any reason behind this?

Came here to ask the same question.
Was really looking forward to use webhooks instead of polling.

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