(Developers: Please specify valid set of arguments)

The code I’m using to embed is:

Which is valid according to the docs at Video & Clips | Twitch Developers

If I use http, the iframe doesn’t load at all. If I use https, the iframe loads with the message:

(Developers: Please specify valid set of arguments)

I also get console warnings saying:

A cookie associated with a cross-site resource at http://twitch.tv/ was set without the SameSite attribute.

No idea how to fix this, as the documentation indicates I am embedding it correctly.

It’s not you didn’t tell it what to load


Should be:


Telling it to load a channel as apposed to a video or clip

Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining. The template they show in the documentation is:

Twitch Error<channel, video, or collection>&parent=streamernews.example.com

Which doesn’t actually explicitly say what <channel, video, or collection> should become. So my guess was, just put the channel name there–which worked when I originally added the embed. Looks like they have examples further down, but ideally the actual spec should define this.

So now it works for https, but still just gives me the gray embed saying it wouldn’t load, for http. Could you help me with how I would go about fixing that? (I tried just using // for the iframe instead of https://, but have the same problem.)

It’s covered in the iframe attributes

|`src`|string|The iframe  `src`  URL string should be https://player.twitch.tv/ with one of these required query string parameters:

* `channel`  – (string) Name of the channel, for a live stream.
* `video`  – (string) Video ID (for past broadcasts, highlights, and video uploads). In this context (the video player), the video ID must have a “v” prefix.
* `collection`  - (string) Collection ID, for a collection of videos.

If both  `video`  and  `collection`  are specified, the specified collection starts playing from the specified video. If the video is not in the collection,  `collection`  is ignored and the specified video is played.

If  `channel`  is specified along with  `video`  and/or  `collection` , only  `channel`  is used.|
| --- | --- |

Could be clearer but the examples cover the three variations

HTTPS is now required

Ah, I see it now. As the format seemed to be … table row starts with “special name”… I was looking for a row labelled “channel, video, or collection”. XD

A shame that update isn’t linked to by the actual docs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll look into having it redirect to https, though the site doesn’t need it at all. Seems like the internet just wants everything to be https nowadays.

Thanks for your help!

it’s good for user security and prevent MITM attacks

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