(Developers: Please specify valid set of arguments)

It’s covered in the iframe attributes

|`src`|string|The iframe  `src`  URL string should be https://player.twitch.tv/ with one of these required query string parameters:

* `channel`  – (string) Name of the channel, for a live stream.
* `video`  – (string) Video ID (for past broadcasts, highlights, and video uploads). In this context (the video player), the video ID must have a “v” prefix.
* `collection`  - (string) Collection ID, for a collection of videos.

If both  `video`  and  `collection`  are specified, the specified collection starts playing from the specified video. If the video is not in the collection,  `collection`  is ignored and the specified video is played.

If  `channel`  is specified along with  `video`  and/or  `collection` , only  `channel`  is used.|
| --- | --- |

Could be clearer but the examples cover the three variations

HTTPS is now required