Developing an application to stream to twitch

I have been developing an application to stream to twitch and I have some problems to create a communication with the server, specifically I read the adobe’s RTMP specification 1.0 and I suppose that there are 5 steps to stream to twitch as a RTMP client:
1-Handshake with the server
2-stablish a connection
3-send a “createStream” command
4-send a “publish” command
5-send video data

Is this the right way to do it? I can do the handshake with the server and stablish a connection with it too, but I am having problems with the 3rd step, could someone please tell me what’s a valid createStream command and what is supposed to be the response of the server to this command.

I have been looking the OBS source code, but I cant understand yet how they do it. It looks like OBS doesnt send a createStream command, but I am not sure, can someone explain it to me please.

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I really doubt that anyone here could provide you detailed assistance with implementing the rtmp protocol in your application. If you have quick questions, developers of OBS usually hang out if their own chat at, which you might find useful.

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