Did anybody encountered problems with hosting?

Since yesterday there seems to be a problem with the viewer count and the hosting feature. When ever we host someone with about 30 people in our chat, the hosted stream drops viewers. So I looked further into it. We hosted a streamer this morning with 9 viewers (18 people in chat). with a total of 31 chatters (14 viewers depending on the message in chat). After we removed the host the viewer count of this streamer went up to 10 (with the same 18 people in chat).

I know, that the number of chatters is not equal to the number of viewers but this is completely impossible. Can anybody verify this?

I believe to be classed as a viewer you need to be running the video.

To be classed as a chatter you need to be signed in.

These 2 things can be different.

I can watch video when not signed in. I can also stop video playing and stay in chat. Some people pause video when in game for example and they remain in chat but do not get counted as a viewer.

Also when you host you send viewers but not chatters.

To chat they must physically visit the persons stream, otherwise they stay in your chat.

I know, but we watched with at least 4 people (because we were talking in chat and I asked) and the viewer count went down.

How long did you wait untill you’ve observed the change / drop? The counter is updated every now and then (1 min?). Also, maybe someone that was a “chatter” turned into a viewer (his video finished buffering, he joined the stream while being in IRC before that).

I monitored the chat over 10 minutes. No one of the registered users left or joined. I also saw a stream with constant 1 viewer with a host from us with 32 chatters (16 viewers depending on the hosted chat on screen).

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