Did the extension helper break?

So I was going to do some testing today. But every time I start I see this

vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1 Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘https://supervisor.ext-twitch.tv’) does not match the recipient window’s origin (‘https://www.twitch.tv’).
n.sendMessage @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
n.sendHighlightChange @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
u.setHighlighted @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
t.saveExtensionAPI @ core-8d713068c879541cbac6.js:1
t.componentDidMount @ core-8d713068c879541cbac6.js:1
us @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
xu @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
t.unstable_runWithPriority @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
Wo @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
bu @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
au @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
(anonymous) @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
t.unstable_runWithPriority @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
Wo @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
$o @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
Go @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
N @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
Gt @ vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1
VM9:1 crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated.
(anonymous) @ VM9:1
vendor-cba9ba3440d01a666025.js:1 Extension Warning (<CLIENT_ID>): Extension Helper Library Not Loaded

I’ve changed nothing as far as the library goes. Double checked that I didn’t fat finger the tag in HTML doc.

Anyone else have this?

That would indicate you’re not correctly loading the Twitch Extension Helper, and have an onAuthorized handler ready before Twitch attempts to fire the auth event.

I’ve changed nothing there though. I’ll move some stuff around I guess. The only thing I added was a new function to my code that has nothing to do with the extension.

If that new function cause a JS erorr or crash. it can prevent onAuthorised being called.

We don’t even get that far.

What do you mean?

it sounds like your JS wasn’t loaded at all.
Which means if you check the network tab you’ll find a 404 for your JS or HTML

Or if you inspect element find your HTML doesn’t have the relevant code present

The page never shows up what I put in in the OP was the entire console log.

And the same thing happens if I go to the configuration page, and I made NO changes there.

I’ve uploaded new code, gonna test it again. This is a strange one.

So you are in hosted test.

You likely uploaded a ZIP of a folder of files instead of a zip of files
And your dev console settings don’t match

This will show up as a 404 on your HTML in the network tab of the inspector tools

The other thing to consider is if you’re using some sort of library, such as React, and are putting your onAuthorized in the wrong place and having it load after React is loaded and starts to mount, as this can lead to situations where sometimes it may load in time, some times it may not be loaded by the time Twitch fires the Auth event which may explain things breaking some times but not others.

On authorized is called right after all my constants and other global vars are declared

Ok this is even stranger. I’m not getting any 404s, but what I am seeing is cors violations as the supervisor is trying to connect this to my test server which isn’t running. It’s like it doesn’t recognize we are in hosted test.

Maybe I need to remove and add the extension again

Twitch did have some isntability earlier which might have had some knock on effects.

So you might be localtest even though you think you are in hosted

Ok yeah so not only that I just cleared the cache and went back it.

It shows that I am in local test with the checkboxes, but Also says my current status is Hosted Test. So there is something wonky on the twitch side somewhere.

if you F5 the “home page” of a dev console extension it gives you the true state

if you F5 any other page of a dev console extension the timeline at the top if wrong. it’s been a issue for a while that one.

So check the home page of a extension in the dev console and reload that

is the “true” state

removed it and readded it and now we are working as expected. I feel better now.