Difference EventSub v. PubSub APIs

I’ve been scouting the API for a project for a while now. I’ve noticed that there are two very similar APIs, namely EventSub and PubSub. What are the main differences between these two? Are there advantages/disadvantages between the two?


PubSub has a “good” moderation events topic that covers more data than EventSub

PubSub is a socket Protocol
EventSub (currently) is HTTP Post/Webhook only, but has a socket version on the way.

EventSub is “third party focussed”
PubSub is “third party is an after thought”

EventSub has a consistenish data structure,
PubSub is insanely different over topics.

EventSub is the future.
EventSub will provide data over a number of transports (in the future) and the data modelling will be consistent.

Whilst PubSub is not going anyway, who knows what will or will not be added to it.

So the answer is: use what works best for your implementation/project.
PubSub has a better Moderation Topic
PubSub is the only work that works without a server at time of writing (EventSocket is in Closed beta)

So which is better: depends what you are building and what data you need to consume.

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