Different kinds of sub/resub messages

A while ago, the new sub system was implemented and a few weeks later some of these sub notifications were changed. Now, I’m not quite sure what message is triggered by which event. Or if they’re all distinguishable. What I’ve seen so far is:

  1. [name] just subscribed!
  2. [name] subscribed for 2 months in a row!
  3. [name] just subscribed! 3 months in a row!

I know there’re more but i’m interested in 2 and 3. My guess is that 2 is triggered by a resub clicking on the share button and 3 is triggered by a new sub who’s subbed for 3 months at once in this case. Basically I want to know if those two cases I described are distinguishable and if so, are the messages 2 and 3 the correct ones

Here’s the regex I use:

/([a-zA-Z0-9-_]+) (?:just subscribed|subscribed)(?: to ([a-zA-Z0-9-_]+))?(?: for ([0-9]+) months in a row)?!/

For case 1, that’s the initial sub.
For any other amount of months, that’s a resub.

That’s the thing I want to know.
I saw someone subbing and it showed he subbed for 6 months. Then I asked him because it was the first time I saw his name in chat and he said he subbed for half a year at once. So, there should be a difference between the monthly resub and a new sub who subbed for several months at once.

I remember seeing this:

1 viewer resubscribed while you were away!

since I copied it to look it up another day. Must’ve had BetterTTV on at the time, right?

While on the subject @night. Please make your emotes optionally displayed - animated emotes like SourPls is the only reason I don’t use your add-on :confused:

It is a bit strange that it would show a message for all 6 months at once. I will try to find out if that is the intended functionality.

Edit: A staff member confirmed that if an amount of months shows it is for a resubscription.

BetterTTV is not responsible for this message, but rather it is Twitch who is. If someone resubscribes while your channel is offline, it will show up when you start streaming again as part of that message.

The reason for limited settings toggles is that adding more settings adds to the already-bloated list of settings. We have planned to refactor the settings, but there’s not really a timeframe of when we will tackle this rather large project. You can, however, blacklist the emote in the settings menu or disable all the BetterTTV emotes.

As projects I work on are outside the scope of this forum, I suggest migrating any future discussion to GitHub or the NightDev Community Forums

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