Discord PTB and Canary are not whitelisted for Twitch Embeds

I’m not sure if this is the right forum, but I wanted to report an integration issue that I’ve been seeing for more than 2 years but never bothered to check why it was occurring.

So, whenever someone sends a Twitch Clip link on Discord, that is supposed to display the embedded Twitch player on click. This, however, stopped working for me 3 years ago for a mysterious reason: plain grey background is displayed with no player. I talked to some other people who confirmed seeing the same and speculated it might have had to do with the Twitch API changing and Discord not supporting it. So I assumed the problem was on Discord’s side and that we need to wait until it gets updated.

3 years passed, issue still occurs. However, another set of people that I asked said they did not have the problem. So today I went to the debug console to see what happens and found this:

So apparently it looks like Twitch has a white list of domains which are allowed to embed the player. Most notably, ptb.discord.com and canary.discord.com are missing from that list, which is what Discord preview clients use (as opposed to the general update cycle client). I’ve been using PTB/Canary for a long time and didn’t know that the issue was specific to it.

So I ask whoever this concerns to please white-list those domains so embeds can work properly. Thank you.

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I use discord canary and can confirm that this issue happens for me as well

Contact Discord. It’s their product, and their domains, they need to go through their strategic contact at Twitch to handle this.

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