Discovery page - extension does not appear

Hello, I recently realized that my extension is no longer seen in the Polling and Voting category, I created new accounts and even asked some acquaintances to verify.
something changed?

Extension name: Fortnite jump polls
details page: Creator Dashboard

searching directly appears but in the showcase is not shown.

Thank you for your help

Your extension is still there but its been put into the “View More” cateogry i.e. your discovery is basically shot as it’s not in the main carousel (You can see your extension here right at the end

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Actually I would like to know who/what decides which extensions get put in the main discovery page? Also would help if there’s a “New” category. I know the page is kinda barebones right now - it’d be great for Twitch to start grabbing some of the standard discovery mechanics from the various App stores

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Thanks for the answer, about the main discovery page I do not understand how it works yet

Outside of the top carousel area, Extension categories are sorted by popularity.

Extensions with more usage are higher in the category list.