Display button in chat for a specific api command

I think that what I need is not possible so far. If it is possible this would be great, please tell me how. If not, this is a feature request.
I need a button that I can create in the channel chat which I can assign a specific chat command.
I did a quick mockup for what I mean.

When a viewer presses the button, the stored command should be written into the chat form, followed by a space
If you ask what for, please visit our channel at Twitch and talk with !cai
The background story is. If a user is via app in our channel he could just press this spcial button and then press mic input on the virtual keyboard to send his message. so he/she did not have to type any character via the keyboard to talk to cai.

It is not currently possible.

You need a uservoice https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers

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