Displaying available streams with a given tag

Hi, I’m new to developing with Twitch API.
I wanted to make a simple script for a website that would display current streams with a given tag. But unfortunately, each of my attempts ends with a 401 error in the console.
I have created my application at Twitch Developers, where I get Client ID and Client Secret. Some solution? If necessary, I will post the script I use.

This sounds like you tried to use your Client Secret as a token.

You need to use the ClientID and ClientSecret to generate a token to use to call the API.

For your described use case a Client Credentials token would be sufficent assuming the API calls are done on your backend

Could you help me get this token? I don’t understand anything from this documentation. I spent all night on this and it sucks

It’s just a single POST request

So the same way you did a HTTP Call to try and get streams and got a 401 you just need to do a HTTP Call to get a token instead

Here are three examples in three different languages for obtaining a Client Credentials/App Access Token: https://github.com/BarryCarlyon/twitch_misc/tree/main/authentication/app_access_tokens

do I need to download this token on the machine where my website is located?

Your website would generate a token to use, you wouldn’t “download this token” as the token will expire after around 60 days*

These code examples just demonstrate how to get a token to use for your API calls in server side code.

*there are other reasons a token can expire/be revoked

Okay, thank you very much. Works.
And how can I find out what tagid a given tag has?

tagid’s are no longer a thing

Streams are tagged using just words now.

For example https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams?tag_id=RolePlay ?

tag_id isn’t a supported filter for this endpoint

So to filter by tags you’d have to Get Streams and filter in code instead

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