Distinguish between auto and constant quality using player api

Hi, is there a way to find out if the quality of player is set to “auto”?
I’m using player API Video & Clips | Twitch Developers
but when auto quality is selected the getQuality function results in current quality set by underlying auto-quality-algorithm. I wish to distinguish between, for example, auto quality that is currently at 480pand 480p constant quality setting, like in case in the picture bellow:

In such case the quality is set to auto but getQuality will return “480p30”

Clearly there isn’t as, as you have already highlighted the function returns the quality the player is playing at.

Why do you need to know if it’s set to Auto? Whats your use case

I’m making plugin to control twitch player by Elgato Stream Deck, and one of the function is button that displays current quality. I can still read the value from the menu I guess.

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