Do New Chat Rooms change anything about IRC?

So Twitch just released this chat room feature ( and I was wondering what impact that has on IRC connections if any.

Will a connection to the channel receive the messages from all the chat rooms or would we need to connect to those separately. Will tags show what room a message is being sent from? Stuff like that.

Was wondering if anyone has any info on how they’ll work into bot development.

There are separate rooms you need to join.

Then join ‘#chatrooms:STREAMERID:_id

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Ok so it’s basically the same chat rooms that were there but not really used, and they spruced them up and gave them better interface?

In terms of IRC is functionally identical.

George already fed you the API notes.

Heres the chat/IRC notes

Main difference is that some commands like /clear don’t work. Tags work the same (room_id is streamerID not the full room ID though)

And yeah it’s a spruced up UI to “normal” users.

Alright guys thanks for the help

There seem to be some minor differences. When I send a message to a room the server returns my own messages as PRIVMSGs as well on the same connection unlike normal chats where it doesn’t.
And justinfan doesn’t work for rooms apparently? FeelsBadMan

Anyone know if that’s intentionally different with rooms or maybe just bugs? I’m assuming intentional but thought I’d ask.

I would say the justinfan limitation is intentional since on the website you cannot view rooms unless you are logged in.

Personally I like having the message echoed back so I can easily verify transmission even though it is not standard IRC behavior.

In an IRC client I observed this (and reported this during technical preview).

But I did not observe an actual “double” PRIVMSG being sent when debugging raw IRC packets. So it’s just the IRC client showing your own message plus the one bounced from IRC.

A bot won’t see two private messages when it sends one, and a bot should not generally respond to itself anyway.

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