Documentation/changelog WTHs?

Is there a better source of documentation than the documentation?

Am I supposed to believe that get ad schedule is a POST request with a read scope, and doesn’t return schedule information but does have a rate limit response error? Or that snooze next ad is a GET request with a manage scope, and returns schedule information?

What are the channel:bot, user:bot, and user:read:chat scopes that are mentioned in the changelog but not in the documentation?


It looks like someone borked up as the docs are “untidy”, these two are just back to front (it’s been raised on the github)
And the API’s are not actually available

They are mentioned on the API reference but may not have been revised into the oAuth scopes.

These endpoints are/should be in open beta but somethings wrong somwhere in a variety of ways and it’ll take a hot minute to sort due to people travelling back from Vegas.

And open beta stuff is open beta so might not be cross copied into the scopes/authentication guide anyway

I’m not sure they were supposed to be documented during TwitchCon in the first place

AND open beta so you can expect some jank, this is just a lot more jank than usual

Where? Not here.

Apologies I was mobile.

Those refer to the eventsub topics that they apply to.

So they are on the EventSub Topics (starting here)

So they are no on the API ref as they don’t apply to the API just EventSub

It was apparently silently corrected.

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