Documentation of the twitch chromecast options


I am working on making a program that runs and watches for streams that I specify to start, and when they start to automatically launch it on my chromecast.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any documentation on what to send to the chromecast for the twitch app, I can successfully launch it using pychromecast and the Receiver class

By specifying yalls app_id from here

But I can’t seem to find anything documenting what to send once the app is launched.

In [14]: cast.socket_client.receiver_controller.send_message({‘url’: ‘’})

In [15]: WARNING:pychromecast.socket_client:Message unhandled: Message from receiver-0 to sender-0: {u’reason’: u’INVALID_PARAMS’, u’type’: u’INVALID_REQUEST’, u’requestId’: 34}

I tried using just url: and the twitch stream, but that doesn’t work, but there are no hints for how to get it to work.

Any help would be appreciated.


Looks like I might be able to reverse engineer it from the reciever.js here.

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