Does "game_name" include an array of games?

Hi everyone. I use Twitch API “Get Channel Information” method.

I want to retrieve all the game_names that are related to channel (as in picture: CS:GO, Just Chatting, Poker), but in the response I get only the last game_name: CS:GO.

Is it possible to retrieve an array of game_names?

This is no direct API for that “shelf”

But you could determine if from the channels recent videos if the channel has videos. So you want th eget videos API

The Get Channel Info, gives you the currently set title/game

Just checked “Get Videos” by broadcaster_id request.

Still no categories (game_name) for recent videos :frowning:

Anyway, thank you! Maybe there are other soluctions…

Ah my mistake, I forgot that games got removed from the videos endpoint when it got helix migrated.

So yeah in summary theres no good way to that “shelf” from the API.

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Thank you!

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