Does the USERSTATE tag include unlocked bit emote sets


Does anyone know if the USERSTATE tag includes the users unlocked bit emote set id’s?

Where it would normally have something like emote-sets=0,33,50,237 etc, does this include the unlocked bit emotes?

The emotes I’m talking about are the channel Bits tier emotes Twitch Help Portal


It does not currently include them.

Is it currently possible for me to find out the emote set of my unlocked bit emotes?

I can see from the website that Twitch must be using GQL to get the bit emotes, for example Lirik has lirikFRR with setID as 1563560376 and ID as emotesv2_9035170c8c7843a1bae4aa5f0b03190b, however using that set with the current API to get the emote set doesn’t return anything. It’s actual link is, so how is Twitch currently getting them? Edit: I just tried and it works, so I guess Twitch is using the ID there, but must not be rendering the emotes via the IRC tags then?

Would be nice if the IRC tag would include the emote set id for all the emotes a user has unlocked and that the API for getting emotes by set ID would return them.

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