Does Twitch extension supports mixpanel for analytics?


We just released our extension and want to track some analytics for it. We are thinking to use mixpanel for tracking so want to confirm if twitch supports it or planning to support in near future?


At time of writing Extension only support internal and Google Analytics

Suggestions can be made at the Developer Uservoice

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hey @BarryCarlyon,
I am looking over google analytics docs on twitch and quite confused how to use it for my extension which is based on angular framework. want suggestions on below points:):

  1. Do I need to add obsucated code which is mentioned as a first point on preload?
  2. How I will connect it to my google account for twitch extension?
  1. Yes that is the standard Google Analytics Code
  2. Substitute

ga('create', 'UA12345678', 'auto');

ga('create', 'Your analyitcs ID here', 'auto');

Formatted UA-Number-AnotherNumber

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