Donations: Bits vs Money?

It’s possible to support creators by donating in 2 ways. Bits and “real money”.
What is more common and does it make a difference?

First, unless the broadcaster is a registered charity, they are not Donations but are Tips. Legally they are treated differently, particularly for tax reasons.

Secondly. if you want to support a broadcaster then talk to the broadcaster themselves as to what is the best way to support them.

Generally speaking, tipping a user through a 3rd party service can often be the most efficient way as there’s less of a cut being taken by others so more of the users money goes to the broadcaster.

That being said though, some broadcasters prefer users to gift subs rather than tip them directly as for the broadcaster that may be more beneficial (to them and the community). Similarly there could be broadcasters with 3rd party tools set up to make cool use out of cheering, or bits in extensions, which could also have benefits (although in the majority of cases, using bits is the least economical option).

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