Drops and In-Game Triggers

Hey Guys,

First of all - I’m more of a designer than a developer so I don’t have much coding knowledge (but am surrounded by people who can decipher things for me :slight_smile: )
I’ve been looking into all the functionality of twitch extensions/chatlinks/drops/scaling functionality this week as part of a game jam that’s going on.

I’m having some trouble finding out some information - this may turn into a feature request eventually but wanted to know if it was already implemented.

Q: Can we link drops to specific in game events or is it purely based on length of time watching a game?

For example: Say I wanted to develop a game mechanic that when the streamer found an item or unlocked an area, any viewers watching at that time would also unlock something for their personal version of the same game.

Thanks in advance!

This is not first hand experience as I’m not a game dev so don’t have access to the Drops system, but from the documentation it should entirely be possible to do what you intend to do. It’s up to the game dev to decide when to give out Drops:

After you determine that the Twitch user has reached the viewing or broadcasting milestone, you provide the dropped item that is the user’s reward using your own entitlement system.

And that milestone can be anything, it could be time watched, random, or a specific ingame event. One thing you would have to take into consideration is the game client would need a way for the streamer to connect it to their Twitch account, so that when one of these game mechanics is reached you can both check if that player is currently live, and if they are you can then use Drops on that specific channel.

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Yeah i’d read about the Twitch Identity, that’s alright. It’s all theoretical at the moment. Unfortunately it’s really difficult to just play around with this tech without making a full game first, so not ideal for a 2 week game jam :frowning:

Still, if the milestone could be anything then that kinda answers my question. :slight_smile:

Even if it’s not first hand experience, that was really helpful thanks :slight_smile:

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