Drops Dashboard Now Missing Campaign ID?!

It appears the Dashboard for managing Drops campaigns recently changed.

The dashboard is now a table with columns: Campaign Name, Start Date (UTC), End Date (UTC), and Enabled.

Before October 1st, the dashboard also included a column titled Campaign ID.

I have been relying heavily on this Campaign ID so that different members on my team can reference different campaigns- and now it has simply disappeared without notice. Anyone else having issues here? Will it come back to the dashboard?

If you click on the campaign name the URL it takes you to has the ID, eg https://glass.twitch.tv/console/drops/[uuid for the campaign ID].

Is it being in the table a major time savings for you/your team vs. having it on the page of the campaign?

Thank you!

It was not obvious that the ID was available elsewhere, and I didn’t see anything in the release notes (https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/release-notes/) which mentioned this change.

Now that we can get the ID from the URL, we no longer have a problem. It really isn’t an issue that the ID isn’t available in the table as long as it is easily accessible elsewhere.

Thanks again for pointing this out!

Good callout on the release notes not specifically mentioning that the portal was changed along with the docs. I’ll look in to that.

We have added item ID and campaign ID to the respective tables.

That’s great! Thanks team!

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