Drops updating status getting UPDATE_FAILED

Recently we have been getting “UPDATE_FAILED” when trying to update some claimed twitch drops from status CLAIMED to status FULFILLED.

The entitlements are currently with status ‘CLAIMED’ and the API returns is a the correct list, however when we call /entitlements/drops to update them we get back a list of failed ids all with UPDATE_FAILED

We have been getting this error in the last week and we have around 400 entitlements that are ‘stuck’. On the documentation page it says that UPDATE_FAILED is a transient error and that we should retry later but now I am not sure if something is stuck with these entitlements?

I can provide the ids and everything if its needed

This was a known issue that should be resolved as of now. Let us know if you continue to run into this issue.

Thank you!

All working good now, thanks!