Dual audio channel idea

I have an idea about that Twitch should have support for two or more audio channels, for example you could stream voice and music individually.
Then the viewers can control the volume or mute of both of them individually.

Expandation ideas of this? I would love this feature as a daily viewer of many streamers that have music that I sometimes don’t like or is too loud or too low.

I had the same idea a while ago.

Another advantage would be that twitch can remove the music channel from vods. So we can at least hear the broadcaster and the game he/she’s playing

This forum is not for general product feedback. Instead, you should email feedback@twitch.tv

Is this product feedback? I thought of it as a feature suggestion

good idea, but no chance for that.

really? Any easy explained reason for that?

There are many reason. One is even youtube doesnt support that now.

So twitch can’t have it because youtube doesn’t?

maybe from the start. OBS or XSplit doesnt support that.

Dual audio is certainly possible, but this forum is only visited by developers working on the api & chat systems. To ensure feedback (either complaints or suggestions) are seen by managers in charge of all parts of twitch, you should email feedback@twitch.tv