Dual sound/echo while streaming

Im pretty new to stream, i have a NEW gaming headset and when i stream i can hear the game im playing plus the game being streamed almost on a loop, if i stop moving in game and stop talking i can here the stream sound multiple times, i have tried many settings and still have the issue, im sure its very simple…Im using OBS and i watch my twitch on a separate monitor still connected to the same PC, so i can see who is watching and answer comments and stuff.

I have followed the set-up via twitch according to the spec, i have followed tutorials in youtube and still find this problem rather annoying.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as im very well sure its been said a few times before, i cant seem to find my answer.

regards ferkin.

This is a developer forum. For assistance with your issue you will probably want to try the Twitch Reddit to ask the community. https://reddit.com/r/Twitch

Ah ok, my mistake…many thanks.