Duplicates, missing entries and ordering issues in subscription events

I’m using the new subscription events endpoint in the Helix API (helix/subscriptions/events?broadcaster_id=[ID]) and I’m facing multiple issues such as:

  1. some events tagged as subscription.notification being triggered before the paired subscriptions.subscribe of the same user. This shouldn’t be possible as the activation obviously happens before the user being able to share it in chat.
  2. some events tagged as subscription.subscribe and subscription.unsubscribe not being triggered at all.
  3. multiple events tagged as subscription.subscribe from the same user being triggered within a minute interval with different event IDs (with the same subscription plan, so no upgrade to higher tiers).
  4. high delay (I actually think that’s an intended behaviour and not much of an issue).

I’m also subscribed with a webhook (answering 200 OK to every notification) to the same endpoint and I’m facing the exactly same issues in webhook calls.

I could also be misunderstanding what the events actually mean. The documentation is reporting the following lines:

  • subscriptions.subscribe: When the subscription payment is processed and the user has officially started their subscription.
  • subscriptions.unsubscribe: When a user’s subscription ends.

Does subscriptions.subscribe get triggered when the user uses Twitch Prime to activate a subscription? Does it get triggered when the user upgrades to a higher tier?
Does a shared subscription anniversary also trigger subscription.notification?

I’m not sure whether I’m missing something or these are known issues.


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