EBS Auth & client credentials

Is the extension client ID and secret valid for an EBS server to perform client_credentials oauth flow?

I’m recieving invalid secret message. I only need it for the live extension call which requires Auth token (undocumented)

Another undocumented or unclear point fyi is that the Auth endpoint requires the client ID both in the uri and headers

Code: https://github.com/Kimau/twitch_variety/blob/master/twitch.go#L66



Manage your extension, go to Settings, on that extension (not inside a version) and you can set the RedirectURI and reset/obtain ClientSecret for oAuth token exchange

Bugger. Thanks.

FYI Use case is to track usage of the extension via

But that requires user auth. Seems like an oversight. As EBS is highly likely to want to tick that in a NON-user specific case.

No… It only requires ClientID.

curl -H “Client-Id: pxifeyz7vxk9v6yb202nq4cwsnsp1t” https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/extensions/uddfpjpm83bcj33vmxkyzf7m55o20q/live_activated_channels?api_version=5

Works fine.

Thats the ClientID from the docs and my ExtensionID. (But forcing API version via Query string)

curl -H “Client-Id: pxifeyz7vxk9v6yb202nq4cwsnsp1t” https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/extensions/uddfpjpm83bcj33vmxkyzf7m55o20q/live_activated_channels

Should result in a 404:

{“error”:“Not Found”,“status”:404,“message”:“”}

If you are using this end point make sure to set

Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json

as a cURL header.

I envisage you are getting a 404 error not a 403 as a response?

I just tried that on my own channel tonight as a test while I streamed and it was still returning

Does the extension need to be in a certain stage of deployment to register? It’s live on my channel as a test and I’m getting traffic from it. That endpoint is just returning empty array.

it takes 5-10 minutes from stream up/down for changes to propagate to this endpoint. wait a while and try after going live

I was hitting the endpoint once a minute over a 3 hour stream. With both myself and one of my mods able to see the extension. Additionally normal traffic from the extension was coming through to the EBS.

Also my misunderstanding it needing about OAuth for this endpoint @BarryCarlyon was from your response here Live_channels is always empty

Ah turns out I was wrong but never went back to the post to revise.

I always call the endpoint with a me auth as it is

Any idea why my response is empty now?

If it doesn’t require Auth it should be working.

Define empty? No JSON at all? Or an empty object?

Do you test the HTTP Response code for a non 200?

As above even when the stream ran for 3 hours and I was receiving traffic from extension

Hmm I wonder if the extension needs to be released instead of in development.

Not something I tested myself, I only use the end point to show a list of live people using the extension on my extension promo website

Undocumented. Above you mention something that’s not documented. Is it all e undocumented?

Not sure what you are referring to. You have necroed this thread…