EBS on hosted test not working

I’ve been working on an extension and got stuck for 2 days on the process of switching into the hosted test, any help would be amazing.

I started with the getting started example from rig so my ebs is node based.

edit: forgot to mention that in the local test everything from the requests to all other functions work properly without a problem

What works:

I can zip the files like I did for my ebs free extensions (just every used file in a zip) then my video component and config file run

What doesn’t work:

  • Requests in the files that run, I changed the localhost:8081 -> extensionid.ext-twitch.tv/ didnt help
  • tried adding a SSL cert to the ebs (also I am not sure what type of cert we should use)
  • Tried different folder structures, from files + service folder or everything in one folder to almost anything I could come up with

So Questions:

  • What cert do I have to use/do I have to use one at all
  • What folder structure does my zip need so my ebs gets started
  • How do I find out if my ebs is running at all
  • what path do my requests need to work

I spend 2 days reading through topics in here, googling and reading the reference without a single clue to any of these things so I really hope someone here can help me, kinda lost.

Twitch only hosts your Frontend.

So your zip file should contain ONLY your Front end files

You are responsible for uploading and hosting your backend/EBS.

Your EBS should not be uploaded to Twitch

Okay, so I completely miss understood the reference about that stuff. Thanks