Electron Twitch Embeds

Has there been any movement on a fix for Electron Apps using Twitch embeds?

Tried this to no avail:

    urls: ['*://*/*'],
}, (details, done) => {
    console.log(details.url, JSON.stringify(details.responseHeaders));
        cancel: false,
        responseHeaders: details.responseHeaders,

Giving this for https://player.twitch.tv/?channel=oyed:

    "Accept-Ranges": [
    "Connection": [
    "Content-Length": [
    "Date": [
        "Mon, 27 Jul 2020 12:52:06 GMT"
    "Location": [
    "Server": [
    "Set-Cookie": [
        "unique_id=r4zgG3QlXKaK75BWs4bYpYiDqLYASvdj; expires=Sat, 27 Jul 2030 12:52:05 GMT; domain=.twitch.tv; path=/; secure; samesite=none",
        "unique_id_durable=r4zgG3QlXKaK75BWs4bYpYiDqLYASvdj; expires=Sat, 27 Jul 2030 12:52:05 GMT; domain=.twitch.tv; path=/; secure; samesite=none; httponly"
    "Strict-Transport-Security": [
    "Vary": [
        "Access-Control-Request-Headers, Access-Control-Request-Method, Origin"
    "Via": [
        "1.1 varnish"
    "X-Cache": [
    "X-Cache-Hits": [
    "X-Content-Type-Options": [
    "X-Served-By": [
    "X-Timer": [
    "X-XSS-Protection": [
        "1; mode=block"

Couldn’t find any Content-Security-Policy

After some jiggery pokery

Your problem is you were using the “Embed Everywhere” code and that doesn’t “behave” as easily outta the box for header looking and killing

I have got both “Embed Everywhere” and “dumb embeds” working.

You can refer to this GitHub Example

That seems to do the trick - thanks for the quick turnaround on this one!

Thanks for posting up this github repo. I am new to JavaScript, Node, and Electron so this was a lot of help for me!

Also, in order to embed strictly twitch chat via the iframe with contents:

I had to add:

into the onHeadersReceived callback. Do you know why it has to have the “www.” in front of twitch.tv in this case? I could not get it to work without that, regardless of whether my ifram src included the www. or not

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