Embed in Google Chome


I tried today to embed the live stream in a WordPress website.

When trying to vieuw the stream it does not work in Google Chrome.
I have read and tested a lot of topics but nothing seems to be working.

The streaming is on: www.dansclubvarya.be/live

somebody that can help me?

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards.

Embeds only work on HTTPS, so if I visit your site with https:// the embed on that page works fine, the issue is that your site doesn’t automatically redirect from http to https so if someone goes to the http version they will have a broken embed.

The embed is working as intended, so the solution to your issue to to redirect users to the HTTPS version of your site.


Thanks for the quick feedback.

Due to some or another reason my brower was indeed going back to HTTP even when I go to HTTPS.
With a plugin on the WordPress site I have changed it.

Thanks a lot!