Embed Schedule Extension on website?


I am currently using the very helpful Schedule Extension. Is there away to embed this Extension directly on an external website so people can easier see when I go live?


I tried to embed the source code but it did not work: view-source:https://naty2zwfp7vecaivuve8ef1hohh6bo.ext-twitch.tv/naty2zwfp7vecaivuve8ef1hohh6bo/1.0.9/f5db2a427e956916a1f78882a8777509/viewer.html?anchor=panel&language=en&locale=en-US&mode=viewer&state=released&platform=web&popout=true


A twitch extension can only be used on Twitch.

Maybe in an iFrame but that would probably look horrible.

No this is incorrect.

A Twitch Extension does not function on a website that is not a Twitch Stream page by design

I kinda like that feature!

@Alcast Just make a schedule like that for your website.

Thanks for the answer. Okay I did not know that, good to know.

I also believe the schedule data is not available via the api. Which makes what @Alcast is trying to do harder.

This appears to be the StreamLabs extension so streamlabs data won’t be in the TwitchAPI no.