Embed: Synchronize Latency of Multiple Streams

Hello everyone,

I am working on an interactive live streaming project where the user can view multiple camera angles and choose between them. For this I want to embed multiple streams (for now only 2) into a website. The problem is that the streams can easily fall out of sync, causing a difference of seconds!

Is there any way to observe the latency to broadcaster and to ultimately synchronize the streams, so if one stream falls behind, the other embedded stream can follow?

If not, I would certainly want to create a feature request. This would allow for more advanced setups :slight_smile:

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Not really no.

What you are describing is super complex as it’s not straight forward to sync two video streams on a users computer if one buffers and the second does not.

It’s sorta beyond what Twitch is designed to do really.

Theres no real play head control available

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