Embed Twitch Chat docs are missing features

The Embedded Twitch chat documentation is missing definitions for activating features including setting the theme of the UI.

Becuase it (should) utilise the users preselected theme in their Twitch settings.
And this assumes that the theme is supposed to be settable/documented as a usable/supported third party feature.

Documentation bugs should be filed on Github.

No… if I’m embedding Twitch in another site, I want the theme used to align with the theme used on the other site.

Theme is an available option for the Everything embed, and there is an undocumented “darkpopout” argument that can be passed to trigger dark theme.

Link to the GitHub where we should file doc issues? This link should be available on the Twitch docs site directly

The old uservoice for docs issues was, but the end result was a butttonne of general support requests iirc :stuck_out_tongue:

Issue created

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