Embed Twitch VOD to website?

When I try to embed a previous Twitch VOD,
what ends up displaying is video for live streams.
(My website is on Google Sites.)
I tried using the iframe embed code method but
the multiple parent sites always stop it in it’s tracks.

Here’s my embed code below:
(seems to work for live video, but not the actual VOD I’m trying to embed)


> <script src= "https://player.twitch.tv/js/embed/v1.js"></script>
> <div id="<Axis div ID>"></div>
> <script type="text/javascript">
>   var options = {
>     width: 800,
>         height: 600,
>         channel: "DaveAxis",
>         video: "735595516",
>         parent: ['sites.google.com', 'www.gstatic.com', window.location.host]
>   };
>   var player = new Twitch.Player("<Axis div ID>", options);
>   player.setVolume(0.5);
> </script>


You specifed both a channel and a video ID

so the channel wins.

To embed a vod, you only specify the video id

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Thanks. :+1:t4:

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