Embedded chat breaks after raids

I’ve embedded https://www.twitch.tv/embed/<channel>/chat?darkpopout&parent=<domain> on a site. When <channel> raids another channel, call that <target>, the frame is redirected to https://www.twitch.tv/<target>/chat?darkpopout&no-reload=true&parent=<domain>&referrer=raid.

The problem is, the latter page doesn’t send the appropriate Content-Security-Policy with the parent domain in frame-ancestors; instead it has X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN, so the embed breaks because of a CORS error.

An appreciated fix would be to change the redirect target to https://www.twitch.tv/embed/<target>/chat?darkpopout&parent=<domain>, or better yet, give an option to disable redirects on raids.

Issue 246 has reoccured it would seem

Have requested it be reopened

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