Embedded chat does not honor oauth_token

I have a standalone application that I am building to view streams and use the popout embedded chat so that I can still chat in the stream. If a user gives my applicaiton chat_login rights they still have to login to the chat when the chat window pops up.

Based on the Twitch API for embedding chat, the oauth_token does not appear to be honored. I am curious if there is a specific reason that the user is required to log in again if they have given my application chat_login rights. Or am I completely misunderstanding the chat_login right?

For a desktop application, you may need to rely on implementing an IRC client. It’s not possible to pass the oauth token to the chat embed iframe.

Providing developers with a way to specify oauth tokens for the chat (and subsequently video) embeds may be a nice feature, but it is not currently supported.

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