Embedded chat dropping text in Android Chrome; cursor jumping around

Hey there! I’m using a full embed and finding some issues with chat. Specifically, characters or words are being dropped from chat and left in the text box on send, while other words in the same chat message are making it through no problem. I’ve also noticed intermittent issues where my cursor will jump within the text box to a different place despite not scrubbing or touching the text which you can see in my repro (on Google Photo).

If you’d like to repro on my site, you can access Nobody.live | Lonely streams and streamers with zero viewers to force render a stream into the embed.

The videos also show some scroll and zoom issues on text box focus; those have since been resolved and I don’t believe are contributing to this issue.

Here’s an example I was able to reproduce: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NY6NCVTKufybUrQV7
Here’s an example from one of my users: Nobody.live chat issue 5/2022 - YouTube

I’m on Chrome 101.0.4951.61 on Android 12 Pixel 5a.

Thanks so much for any feedback or ideas.

As a funny side note, I work in the same building as Twitch (I’m at Atlassian), so if you have repro trouble and want someone to nip over and demo on a live device, I’m just a few floors away haha!

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