Embedded Chat won't work

So I basically can’t get a connected embedded chat to work. I used the html provided by twitch when clicking share under the stream. When putting that in, etc., and try to chat, the embedded chat-messages won’t show up in the stream. When writing into the same chat on twitch.tv, and not my webpage, everything works fine, same for the twitch app on phone. All messages show up in the stream and stream chat. But whenever I try to write something in my webpage and send it into the chat, nothing appears in any of the twitch streams, no matter if PC or Phone. The embedded chat simply won’t connect. I can’t and don’t need to provide lines of codes as there is nothing wrong with that, and except for height, the html-tag is the same as provided. This goes for all browsers and all devices.

Is it not connecting at all or not sending from your embed? You should see a message that says something like, “Couldn’t connect to chat” if the connection fails. I just tried this from localhost to a live channel, and the message sent and showed up on the Twitch side.

Are you using all lowercase in the channel name?

This link would show chat history, but not allow you to send messages: http://twitch.tv/ExampleChannel/chat

This link would allow you to see messages and send messages: http://twitch.tv/examplechannel/chat

Same effect as if you were on TMI (Twitch Messaging Interface)

I usually suggest emedding chat with: http://twitch.tv/chat/embed?channel=Matt_Thomas&popout_chat=true
As this link will redirect you to http://twitch.tv/matt_thomas/chat ( it will fix the case, but you can just as easily use lowercase )

What’s the HTML you’re using (the iframe part)? There is a bug with the share button including the wrong iframe src URL, but that one affects the live stream embed, not chat.

I was using the given url source on the share button.
But I just played around a little bit. The whole iframe stuff from the share button doesn’t work. This popout thing and =true is not good to work with. I did some non-important changes, design stuff, and changed the url again to https://twitch.tv/xforigens/chat, and that worked. This popout thing and http or https changes wouldn’t load in the chat at all. At some point twitch.tv/channel=xForigens&popout_chat=true would only load in when given https:// at the beginning, but not with http://. And then this suddenly stopped working as well. The iframe didn’t load the source. So I recommend, when facing this issue again, using “https://twitch.tv/(channel)/chat”. Works fine, somehow, as this didn’t work in any of the first tries, but now it does.

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