Embedded player - set start time

Is there any way to set a starting time for an embedded player (using the “interactive embed” API from Javascript)?

Calling player.seek right away does nothing. Waiting for Twitch.Player.READY event does nothing. Waiting for Twitch.Player.PLAY (and removing the handler afterwards) works as long as the video isn’t paused initially, but that doesn’t seem to be a good solution.

Specify time: "1h2m3s" (replace the time of course) in the options object.

For example:

            var options = {
                width: 854,
                height: 480,
                //channel: channel,
                controls: true,
                video: "v83196893",
                time: "1h2m3s",
                quality: "low"

            var player = new Twitch.Player(id, options);

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