Embedded Player Video Being Hidden By Chat On Mobile

Hi all,

I’m using the embedded player with chat on my site which works find at most resolutions. Unfortunately, today I noticed that when I view it on a mobile device, the video gets hidden by the chat. When I switch to video only, everything is fine. I’d like to have the chat enabled as well, but it makes my site unusable since the video can’t be seen.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how I could resolve it?

Here’s the config I’m using to initialize the viewer:

“twitchviewer”, {
width: “100%”,
height: “500px”,
channel: channel,
parent: ,
layout: ‘video-with-chat’

This (sure simple) example works fine.

So thius would suggest something with your Responsive CSS is at fault.

Theres nothing wrong with your JS. Since that just invokes the player.
Everything else is down to your layout

This ended up being a bug relating to Twitch embeds. Barry reported it here:

It has since been resolved. Please let us know in that Github issue if the problem you experienced pops back up.

working on many things that broke ‘best-pratice’ analyses when i embed twitch player atm.
but on any resolution, any devices, u shall have both videos & chat (horizontal or vertical, depending on the device/res) until u provide width=“100%” and layout=“video-and-chat” options & full reponsives.

did u try some javascript resize thrue event ?? did here at start, with fixed with=‘800px’ option & was wrong

hi @BarryCarlyon , looks like u are everywhere in my every research here on twitch-embed.

am told to embed twitch player in my formation with the best lighthouse score i can.
atm i can hit 100/100/92/100 scores in lightouse with an astro build & hydrated preact component for twitch player.

this 92 best-pratice score is all about twitch player embed, something like too many (~50 to ~100) issues & somes console error (or not, depending channel configuration).

is any ‘advices’ here (Efficiently load third-party JavaScript) helpfull to reduce any trouble ?

thx for help :+1:

There is nothing you can do when using other peoples javascript/sources on your site, be that youtube embeds or Twitch embeds or x/twitter embeds, it’s outside of your control. Sure delay the loading/invoking but that just moves it.

It’s beyond your control, you can try what is suggested but in the long run not much you can do. A page that embeds other peoples content from other sites will always have a bad score as you are in essence loading two webpages on the same page.

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ok thx for quick reply

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