Embedded Twitch Clips

I’m trying to embed Twitch clips on my website that I’m developing, and I get

Refused to display 'https://clips.twitch.tv/' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.

error. I looked around the forum and I guess the error is due to the parent parameter set incorrectly. To my understanding I should put my website’s domain in the said parameter, but I’m only running a local instance in a Docker container, and my domain is, as of now, localhost:8000. How can I embed Twitch Clips on a local, under-development website? I tried putting, “localhost” , “localhost:8000”, “http://localhost”, etc. in the parent parameter but Twitch does not like any of them and I get the same error.
Below is a piece of iFrame code that I’m using to test the functionality of my website with:


Thank you for reading.

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is wrong


parents should be domain names only.
You included a parent with a path and that caused the problem

Thank you Barry, I really apppreciate it. The issue is now solved thanks to you.

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