Embedded twitch player link, AWS Cognito error 400

I’m embedding twitch player in an iframe on my site and I’m getting a javascript error saying error 400 posting to “https://cognito-identity.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/”. It seems it’s the actual twitch player that is trying to post to the AWS site (example embedded url below). So I’m wondering how do I make this error go away. To be clear the embed is working and the video plays fine, it’s just this error shows for every twitch video I’m embedding. Do I need to OAUTH or something just to embed the videos with a videoid?

Example embedded URL (check dev-tools should see error 400 connecting to aws cognito server):

Nothing you can do about it. It’s not your problem to fix.

The embed is working fine and often embeds will throw all sorts of weird and wonderful errors, and it’s not yours to worry about if the embed is working as expected.

It’s likely a knock on issue from the outage Twitch just had and not everything has been cleaned up yet

Ah ok, I was trying to clean up all the script errors on my page and noticed all these. I’ll just wait it out and hope its something they can resolve.

Yeah anything you embed from other sites (Twitch/Twitter/YouTube) will on occasion throw all sorts of errors and if it’s the embed, not much you can do about it usually

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