Embedding all live streamers for particular game/category

Has anyone had any joy trying to embed things like ‘all live streamers for a particular game right now’ on an external website. I’ve found templates/code for embedding a particular streamer, a collection etc… but nothing for category pages.

For example if i wanted to try and embed all live streams for marbles on stream right now:

Anyone know where I’d even start/if it’s possible with the variables in the API?
Tools like sullygnome/stream charts are obviously pulling this from somewhere but I can’t work out where.

Use Get Games to convert a game name to an ID
Use Get Streams to get streams in a given category. (the game_id filter/param)
Then just iterate that loop

or you get the Game to phone home to your server. Since marbles requires a live stream in order to play the game can phone home

So this example: Teams Page | Twitch API Example users a team instead of a category to iterate. But the work flow is the same. You end up with a list of live streams and then display the embed(s) as needed

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