Embedding but time machine error

I’ve been trying to get the Twitch player embedded into our schools website, but keep coming across the same issue where it says the content is unavailable.


Twitch: Twitch
website: SLU Esports : SLU

<iframe src="https://player.twitch.tv/sluesports parent=slu.edu" width="&lt;width&gt;" height="&lt;height&gt;" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

I can’t find an embed on this page.

Can you provide the link to the page with the embed on

As to your iframe code not sure if you have copy/paste failed it to the forums, please wrap it in three ` at the start and end

Hey Barry!
The embed isn’t live on it since it’s a school website and I’m not allowed to change it until it’s live.

I edited it to change to show the iframe code

Your URL is wrong. You put a space instead of a ?

It should be


instead of

https://player.twitch.tv/sluesports parent=slu.edu

Edit: I need mroe coffee see root’s reply below:

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The right URL would be


Both the channel and the parent are URL args and not in the path

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